Friday, August 7, 2015

Sometimes It's The Simple Things

Lest we not forget how simple things can affect our blood sugars . . .

I have a TON of filing to do at work.  When I say a ton, I'm not kidding.  I decided to take about an hour today to work on some (which now puts me only ONE YEAR behind so that's a win victory).

My blood sugar was about 135 or so before I started.  I had just checked to see if I was spiking after breakfast.  As I filed, it dropped to 87 with a down arrow.  Is filing considered exercise?  Man, I'd rather go to the gym! 
Filing is exercise? I vote no.
I finished and sat back down to work on something else.  Suddenly my Dexcom receiver buzzed, warning me that I was at 70.  "OK" I thought, "I'm not moving around anymore so I'll be fine."  Nope.  A minute or two later, another buzz and I'd dropped to 57.  Well now, that's no good.

At least I didn't have a down arrow.
I had to finish one thing before testing and considering how to treat the darn low.  I have to stop doing that.  Work can wait; hypos can't.

Angry texted me a few moments later to let me know he'd seen my low.  He knows me all to well and always assumes I'm waiting to treat.  His text prompted me to stop what I was doing and test my blood sugar (the meter read 58 so Dexcom was spot on this time).  I decided to treat by eating an early lunch.

It's hard to remember that anything and everything we do can have an effect on our blood sugars.  I was reminded of that today.

Stay safe out there!!

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  1. Darn lows caused by work tasks... Never cease, do they? And it's never the fun stuff or real exercise that creates the lows, it's always the important stuff that must then be delayed to treat. I'm the same way, and usually procrastinate on treating to finish whatever I'm doing -- and end up going lower. Data-sharing has helped, and Suz does the same thing to help motivate me. Type Awesomes are great!!